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Jager’s experiences
For me personally I fell my Chinese really took a big leap forward!  My studies want really well and I learned a lot.  I had over five different people tell me how good my Chinese was.  That always makes me feel so good inside.  Plus, it gives me more confident and desire to talk to people, cause I don’t feel like they don’t understand me.  One of the weirdest things for me is after I have a conversation with someone.  Because I just sit there and think, “Man that doesn’t feel like Chinese, is it supposed to sound like that?”
Ok so lately I have been studying how to read Chinese, and I have been blessed with a lot of success.  I have read to 2 Nephi 15 in the character Book of Mormon!  I have been so blessed in my language skills.  I still have a LONG way to go, but I have come a LONG way too! I am so thankful for our Heavenly Father’s help, because there is no way I could do it without! People are always asking me where I am studying my Chinese.  When I tell them at home by myself they are always shocked! They then ask how long have you been studying?  My reply: 8 months!  Then they are really shocked.  So usually their last question is, well how do you do it?  My response: only by and through the help and power of God!  Don’t get me wrong, I work m behind off, but it’s mostly blessings that help me progress.

Cool Experience
It was time to head to the church for diver and language study, so we got off the train and walked to our but stop to wait for the next train.  As we were walking I saw this big American guy waiting at the stop already.  I had a very strong feeling that I needed to talk to him, so I did.  This man had scars all over his face, hands, arms, and was smoking a cigarette.  As we talked to him we ealrned he just got out of jail.  He was in jail for 10 years because he killed his friend.  I tried to preach a little but he told us he had no interest in the church.  However, I just talked with him.  Our train came and I asked if he was coming he said no.  I had a feeling that I needed to keep talking to this man, so we waited.  We talked for about 10 more minutes and got to know him better, he was pretty much homeless, and only had one pair of clothes.  Finally he told us he had to go, so I asked him if we could do anything to help him.  He started crying and said, you talked to me, that’s more than you’ll ever understand.  By this time me and my companion were crying as well.  Then he started walking off into the pouring rain, so I ran to him and gave him my umbrella.  He was literally bawling as he thanked me, then we hugged each other good bye.  It was so neat.
She was found at Chinatown by the downtown Elders.  It is an amazing story.  So Sunday morning, after reading from the Bible, she prayed and asked God if there was a prophet on the Earth today, and if so where was he?  Sunday afternoon she was on a train, the same train that the downtown elders were taking to get home from church.  They contacted her with this question, “Have you ever wondered if we have a prophet on the Earth today?”  They went on from there to teach her about prophets.  So we have taught her Lesson 1.  She absolutely loves the fact that we have a prophet, so that is a big time plus.
So on Thursday we were on a bus contacting and i sat down to talk to this lady.. She didn't speak mandarin, only Cantonese. However, I thought she can understand me so I should keep trying. So I did, and I had an incredible experience with the gift of tongues. I would talk to her and then she would answer in Cantonese and somehow I could understand her perfectly. SO this lady and I had a 5 minute conversation speaking two different languages. Then that night we were contacting on Irving and it was dark so we couldn’t really see the people very well... So I said hello to a man but he didn't answer in Chinese, rather in Spanish. I was able to talk to him for a couple minutes as well. It was so crazy!! I know both of those cases were through the power of the Holy Ghost.
I believe charity and Love can really bring miracles. This week was really great, and I felt God's hand immensely in my life. I love this work! So a women in our ward was diagnosed with Cancer this last week. She asked me to give her a blessing yesterday at church. We both had a very peaceful feeling about it all, and even though I didn't tell her that it would all be alright I truly believe it will. I know whatever happens it will be what is supposed to happen. Every time I give a blessing I get very emotional afterward. Not like a crying emotional, but just overwhelmed with the spirit. It just amazes me every time how amazing and powerful the priesthood is. I am so thankful for it in my life!
On Christmas we went and visited a Senior Center, we sang them songs and just visited with them for about an hour. There was this Chinese lady who was in her 90's. The activity staff lady told me not to bother talking to her because she never looks up or smiles. I thought, that is the person I want to talk to, those who need a pick me up! I went right up to her and spoke to her in Chinese. She immediately looked up at me. I told her my name and she grabbed my hand and cried and smiled! She was too old to talk, so we just looked at each other, I would say a few words here and there, but there was no need to speak the spirit was talking to both of us! I next went and talked to a 92 year old lady from Nebraska. We talked mostly about her family and mine! As I was telling her by she told me I had a special smile, she said it brightened the entire room! It made me feel really good and I haven't stopped since! She called me back three or four times and we had the exact same conversation!
Conference 2010…
I wanted to tell you about a somewhat strange experience I had during the closing remarks of conference.  First off, I did not want it to end, it went way to fast.  As President Monson was closing my heart ached for him, I did not want him to go or quit speaking to me.  Without even realizing it, I reached out for him.  I didn’t realize it until my hands were in front of my face, it was weird.  However, I really did not want the Prophet of God to stop speaking to me. I love him!  When he speaks it is literally the words of God.  I saw President Monson in a way I have never seen him before.  It was rather incredible.  I loved all of conference.  It was really outstanding!
Crazy foods…
Chicken feet bones and all
Bread, tuna fish, banana, and mayo
WHOLE fish eyes and all

Foods I like…
Dim Sum-pork buns, everything is steamed, and most of it is like a stuffed dough
GuPou-Pork dish, it is mean with bones and cartilage, the twist is you eat everything
Fish-chinese people really know how to cook fish, it doesn’t taste fishy at all
Zhurou fei-it is pork fat with a little meat they cook it in a bunch of soy sauce and then eat it in soup

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February 14, 2011

Elder Lee and Elder Luo

Elder Lee and Elder Kesler

Elder Lee and Elder Chen

Elder Chen and Elder Lee

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